Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Roll Up the Streets

Roll Up the Streets 

by John Bladek
Ages 10-13
Middle Grade Fiction
Kane Miller

$11.99 (2014)

Jake Machet has moved to a lousy little town filled with creeps and an ever-present stink that no one else notices. Along with his new friend Sammie, Jake probes the smelly underbelly of his new home, following the trail of stench straight to J.P. Rumblegut, corndog and doll maker extraordinaire. They uncover a hideous conspiracy involving sticky streets, sewage, doped-up corndogs, Space Planet Janet dolls, and a mysterious portrait of a beauty queen that won't stop frowning at him. Eventually Jake and Sammie discover the secret behind the brainwashing meatsticks... a plot to zombify the entire country!

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